Are you living with hard water and looking for solutions? Soap scum, stained sinks, buildup on faucets, stiff laundry, scaly skin… these are all results of hard water. It’s a common problem with most water systems. But there are solutions. Many of our posts discuss common solutions offered by The Bosworth Company like reverse osmosis (R.O.) and water softeners. We often recommend that these two solutions be used together to create the cleanest possible water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. We are proud to offer an additional option for families and businesses: these systems are available for purchase and for rent! This gives our customers the flexibility to pick the solution that best works for them.


We can’t do a post about R.O. and water softeners without explaining what they are, how they work, and the difference between the two.

Reverse Osmosis basically works as a filter. It takes the bad stuff (bacteria, mineral deposits, etc.) out. That includes things that make your water taste or smell bad, and leave stains around your kitchen and bathroom. R.O. systems are installed for a single faucet, which is usually under the kitchen sink.

By contrast, water softeners don’t filter, they add to your water. Softeners add ionized sodium that helps break down those chemicals, so they don’t cause the problems as if left untreated. Water softeners are usually added at your tank, so they provide the treated water to your entire home.


The Bosworth Company offers R.O. systems for rent for as low as $35/month, including maintenance! Water softeners can be rented for as low as $45/month, also with maintenance included! To make an appointment to see what works for you, schedule one online or call The Bosworth Company today at 432-570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always!