Water Softener Benefits

Tired of hard water? A water softener can make all the difference! Let us tell you more!

A water softener uses a process known as ionization to replace magnesium and calcium ions with sodium (salt) ions. This process is different from reverse osmosis, as a reverse osmosis system relies on a filter to physically remove contaminants and dissolved minerals from the water. Reverse osmosis filters water, and a water softener conditions water.

Benefits Include:

  • Bathing becomes more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the feeling like you’re just not…clean. Softened water will remove the residue feel.
  • Fabrics will be more durable and feel nicer. The stiffness of clothing washed in hard water is one of the biggest complaints from consumers.
  • Your appliances will last longer! Ever noticed the ring of junk around your toilet or showerhead? That’s build-up from hard water. A water softener can remove many of the impurities from your water to prevent this. It also helps with dishwashers, clothes washers, and coffee makers.
  • With a water softener, soap will actually lather up nicely! For some reason, hard water prevents soap from bubbling up as nicely as it does for soft water.
  • Fewer spots and residue on your dishes and glassware means less time hand drying them!

Top Of The Line (Products & Service!)

We’d be happy to tell you more about our water softener services. At The Bosworth Company, we sell and install only top of the line products, including SoftMAX. The products are installed by one of our fully licensed water treatment specialists.

Below is our price to lease a water softener and/or an RO system:

Water Softener System – $35 per month

Reverse Osmosis System – $30 per month

RO and Water Softener – $55 per month

Salt delivery service for water softener is available. Give us a call for a FREE evaluation or estimate!