Midland AC Refrigerant Leak Repair

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There’s nothing worse than dealing with Texas’ scorching summer temperatures with a leaking AC. When your AC stops cooling your home effectively, the issue might be the refrigerant. Fortunately, The Bosworth Company can offer quality AC refrigerant leak repair services in Midland, TX.

We have a team of trusted experts ready to provide you with services you can rely on. Our company is committed to offering free estimates and customized solutions to address your AC’s refrigerant leak.

Common Causes of AC Refrigerant Leaks

Also called freon, AC refrigerant plays a crucial role in your AC’s functionality. This chemical compound takes in heat from indoor air and expels it outside, replacing it with cool air.

Several factors can cause your air conditioning unit to develop a leak:

  • Vibrations: An improperly sealed compressor motor can produce vibrations that damage and weaken refrigerant lines. These vibrations could also cause holes in the copper coils, causing leakage.
  • Physical Damage: Anything that comes in contact with the AC unit can cause damage to the coils that contain refrigerant.
  • Routine Wear and Tear: Like any other electronic device, an old AC unit is more prone to leaks as parts age and wear out.

With time, the joints in your AC unit begin to erode and weaken due to a build-up of rust. When this happens, the rubber seals around the connectors and valves loosen and wear out, causing the refrigerant to leak.

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