Water Filtration Systems in Midland, TX, & The Permian Basin

We install and repair water filtration systems in Midland and nearby areas like McCamey, Andrews, and Odessa. Call our knowledgeable and friendly team to discuss your needs today.

How much do you trust the water quality coming out of your taps? While our muni­cipal water supply here in Midland, TX, meets state and federal standards for safe drinking water, you can never be too careful.

At The Bosworth Company, we offer premium water filtration solutions in the entire Permian Basin. With a whole-home water filter, you’ll know that you have pure, clean water from every faucet in your home. Our knowledgeable team can address all your needs, from repairing an existing unit to installing a brand-new system.

Signs You Need a Whole Home Water Filtration System in Midland, TX

Every property can benefit from a filtration system, but some might need a whole-home water filter more than others:

  • Older homes: Structures built before the 1970s might have lead-contaminated plumbing lines. Get your property assessed and install water filters in the meantime.
  • Homes using well water: Independent water sources require more extensive treatment to eliminate contaminants, bacteria, and sediment. If you’re using well water, a whole-home filtration system is a must.
  • Poor water quality: Does your tap water taste a bit off? Do you see floating particles in the water? Get it tested and install a filter to address whatever impurities you might find.

When you want more professional insight, reach out to the trusted plumbers at The Bosworth Company. We’ll help you find the whole-house water filtration system that best fits your needs. You can also contact us if you need a water filtration replacement.

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