Midland Drain Cleaning Company

Restore flow to your fixtures by scheduling a drain cleaning service today. We proudly serve Midland and nearby areas like Big Spring, Odessa, and Mccamey.

Does one of your drains suffer from a stubborn clog? If you can’t get rid of it on your own, it might be time to call our experts at The Bosworth Company.

We’re a trusted drain contractor in Midland, TX, and the surrounding area. When you reach out to us for assistance, you can expect free estimates, background-checked technicians, and a satisfaction guarantee.

When To Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service in Midland, TX

While many clogs are easy to tackle with a plunger or DIY cleaner, some require professional intervention. Watch out for these warning signs and schedule a drain service when you notice them:

  • Recurring clogs
  • Minimal drainage
  • Foul odors from the drain
  • Gurgling noises from sink or tub drains
  • Water leakage from the drain

We don’t recommend store-bought cleaners to unclog drain fixtures, as most of them contain harsh chemicals and solvents that hurt your system in the long run.

At The Bosworth Company, we use the latest technology to refresh your plumbing safely and effectively. Our drain cleaning team frequently attends training sessions and industry events to ensure we deliver the best service possible throughout Midland County.

For severe cases, we provide powerful hydrojetting solutions that are tough on clogs but safe on your pipework. Schedule your service in the Midland-Odessa area today.