Temperatures have been regularly hitting the triple digits, and with many people working from home, we’re all looking for a little relief. In this post, we’ll explore a few practical ways you can stay cool and save money on your energy bill this summer with our HVAC savings tips.


As with most products or services, the less you use, the less you pay. So what are some ways that you can use less energy? When it comes to keeping your house cool, the obvious answer is to turn the temperature up a degree or two. While this will save you money, is it worth it to sacrifice comfort? If you’re like me, you want to save money and stay comfortable.

Here in West Texas, it’s hot, but not humid. That means that the flow of air from a box or ceiling is more effective than it would be for our neighbors in Dallas or Houston. If you’re spending most of your time in one room, flip on a fan instead of keeping the A/C blasting. It will feel about the same, but you won’t be paying to cool the whole house.

The same holds true in the winter when you’re looking to heat your home. Throw an extra blanket on the bed or wear some flannel PJs. If you have a fireplace and know how to safely start and keep a fire, it can keep your whole house warm for hours.


Having your HVAC unit regularly maintained goes a long way to keeping your home cool and your bills low. You can do some simple things yourself. These include cleaning or replacing your air filters on a regular basis and cleaning the area around your compressor. The harder your unit needs to work, the more energy it will use.


Fall and Spring are times when it is recommended to tune up your HVAC unit as you prepare for hot summers or cold winters. Scheduling these Clean & Checks while there’s nothing wrong is a great way to ensure that your unit will keep running during the peak months. This also guarantees maximum efficiency when it’s running the most, locking in your HVAC savings. Schedule an appointment with The Bosworth Company online or give us a call at 432-570-5233. Worth the Call. Always.