Protection from PFAs: Water Filtration

Things like raw sewage, lead, or other compromised water lines are what people often think of when they think of contaminated water. These days, there’s another potential danger in your drinking water: perfluoroalkyl substances, commonly called PFAs. PFAs are becoming a popular subject in the world of water filtration, as families look for clean water solutions. Thankfully, water filtration systems, like the ones available from The Bosworth Company, can help rid your water of harmful PFAs.


New research shows that PFAs are more prevalent than originally thought. Exposure to high levels of PFAs could result in a wide range of potential side effects, including decreased birth rates or high cholesterol.

PFAs are concerning because they don’t break down over time. Their presence in drinking water can lead to a buildup of the substance in your body. For nursing moms, at least one study showed PFAs could even show up in breast milk. Because of their prevalence, agencies, including the EPA, are paying very close attention.


There are many forms of water filtration, and not all of them are effective at removing PFAs. For example, a water pitcher filter you keep in the fridge won’t do much. However, reverse osmosis (RO) or a multi-stage filtration system can remove all or almost all PFAs.

RO systems are often installed at individual faucets, while filtration systems such as water softeners can be installed to filter water for your entire home. PFAs can be prevalent in city or well water, but it’s especially important to have your water tested if you use well water. This will tell you exactly how many contaminants it contains, and how important a quality filter is for your home.


Water filtration can be critical to help reduce the presence of PFAs in your drinking water. Here in West Texas, water softeners and RO systems are even more valuable because of the common occurrence of hard water, which isn’t necessarily dangerous, but tastes bad, and can be hard on your skin. If you want to protect your family from potential side effects of PFAs, and give your household clean, freshwater, schedule an appointment with The Bosworth Company or call us today at (432) 570-5233. We offer water softening as well as RO systems for sale or rent with service included. The Bosworth Company is Worth the Call. Always.