What’s The Perfect Temperature For Your Home?

It’s a logical question for anyone who wants to be comfortable and save money: what is the perfect temperature setting for your thermostat? If it’s too high, you’ll spend too much money on your electric bill, but if it’s too low, you’ll have to be bundled up in your own home all winter. And since disagreements are bound to happen around the holidays, we’ll examine, once and for all, the best temperature!


The Department of Energy reports that the ideal wintertime temperature for your home during the day is 68 degrees. They don’t give a specific temperature recommendation for the overnight hours because there’s so much variance, but it’s generally acceptable to drop the temp by as much as 10 degrees while you’re cozy under the covers.


When you do select the temperature for your home, it’s a good idea to leave it as consistent as possible. It can be tempting to blast the heat when it’s cold in the morning, then turn it down when it warms up outside, but this is not necessarily effective and is hard on your HVAC. If your thermostat is set to “AUTO” it will kick on when you need it, and won’t when you don’t.

Most households should have three temperature settings: one for when they’re home during the day, one for when they’re gone, and one for overnight. Limiting how much you change the temperature will benefit you in the long run.


Newer thermostats even come with programmable features, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature throughout the day. You can set it to start warming before you even get out of bed, or turn it up or down while you aren’t at home. The remote access settings can be accessed through your cell phone and can be very convenient (and save you money)!


You may have noticed that most thermostats are located in interior living areas. This is critical in getting an accurate gauge of your home’s temperature. If installing a new thermostat, make sure it’s away from excess sunlight, windows, directly in the path of air vents, or even close to furniture that could potentially block airflow. You’re looking for the ideal space where the air is flowing freely and in its most natural state.


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