What is “Going Ductless”?

What does it mean to “Go Ductless?”

One great thing about most things in modern life is that you almost always have options. The same is true with HVAC solutions. Central heating and air certainly has some advantages, but there’s also an upside to ductless, or mini-split, HVAC systems which are growing in popularity. In this post, we’ll investigate whether they could be a good fit for your home or office.


Traditional ductwork (commonly called “central” air) is great for heating every room in your house evenly. But in some families, heating a spare bedroom may be an unnecessary cost. Add that to the heating or cooling lost in old or worn ductwork, and you could be losing up to 25% of the energy you pay for!

In an age where financial and environmental efficiency rules, going ductless could be a solution for you. Unlike traditional window units, new ductless A/C units require only a small hole for mounting. Not only is this easier, it also helps isolate the rooms that require heating and cooling.


Here in Texas, where it gets cold, but not too cold, going ductless works well because it can easily and efficiently produce the amount of heat necessary to keep a room at a comfortable temperature. In some colder climates, the mini-split systems may have trouble keeping sub-freezing temps warm all winter long.

One advantage to central air is that the entire units are generally stored in the attic, and run through ducts and vents, therefore, they are completely out of your space. That’s a reason old space heaters became less popular. Our sleek designs for mini-split units were crafted with that in mind. We know that aesthetic and minimal invasiveness is important to ensure a sophisticated look.

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