Boosting HVAC Efficiency

In our last few posts, we’ve explored some of the common issues that arise when restarting your heater for the first time in the winter. We looked at how to prepare your furnace for use, as well as how to combat that burning smell that seems to happen every year when you fire it up for the first time. In this post, we’ll discuss another important factor in maintaining a comfortable home: making sure your HVAC is operating with maximum efficiency.


If your HVAC unit was working at maximum efficiency, every corner of your home would be at a comfortable temperature. You wouldn’t be warm next to the vent and cool in the extra bedroom. If you feel the heat isn’t distributing evenly, you could have an airflow problem.


As we’ve discussed in our other blogs regarding heaters, having clean and undamaged air ducts should solve most of your heating issues. If the rooms that are farther away from your furnace aren’t getting enough heat, blockages (or leaks) could be the problem.


Go to a back bedroom, and remove the register from your vent. You’ll be able to see inside – and it may not be pretty. If you have a vacuum with a hose attachment, reach in as far as you can to clean out as much dust as possible. When you’re done, wipe it down with a wet cloth, again, reaching as far inside as you can. You can also wipe down the louvers on the register and make sure they are fully open for maximum airflow. 


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