Can a Water Softener Help With Eczema?

Water softeners can provide a lot more than just softer water. You’ll notice smoother, clearer skin, less build-up around your showerheads and sinks, and even softer laundry. But a water softener can be good for your health too – especially for those who suffer from eczema.


It would make sense that water would moisturize your skin, but that’s not always how it works. Especially here in West Texas, the combination of hard water and dry air can leave your skin feeling itchy and dry after every shower.

However, soft water created by a water softener can have the opposite effect. Bathing in soft water can help heal itchy, rashy skin, even for those with eczema. Your skin will stay hydrated long after you leave the tub.


In most homes, the water coming from your shower or bath is the same as what comes from the faucet in your kitchen sink. If you wouldn’t consider drinking from the tap, do you think it’s a good idea to bathe in it?

Hard water is caused by minerals and other contaminants that infiltrate the water as it makes its way through your pipes. While it’s not necessarily harmful to bathe in, it isn’t ideal. The minerals in the water are what will leave you dry and itchy after a long soak, especially if you have irritable skin.


Water softeners treat the water to help reduce the effect of those excess minerals. By adding ions (salts) to your water, it literally becomes “softer” on your skin, faucets, and even clothing. In many cases, you can immediately feel the difference when your water has been treated by a water softener.


If someone in your household is suffering from eczema, or any skin condition, a water softener can offer some relief. The Bosworth Company offers a variety of water treatment products and can outfit your home with the one that’s right for you. Schedule an appointment online today, or by calling 432-570-5233, and start enjoying the benefits of soft water. It’s Worth the Call. Always.