Kohler Generators For Your Home

Backup generators are something you only need for a cabin, or somewhere where you’re likely to lose electricity regularly, right? Not so fast, my friend. As all Texans can attest, the February Freeze brought unprecedented temperatures and misery to the Lone Star State. Even in West Texas, the Midland International Air & Space Port recorded 221 straight hours of sub-freezing temperatures. If you were one of the 4.5 million households statewide that lost power, chances are you wish you would have had a generator.


Backup generators produce electricity when the power goes out. During the big freeze, HEAT was the most obvious benefit of a generator, but there are a lot of other things that electricity brings that you may not have thought of. If the power goes out in the summer, for example, you’ll need air conditioning, not heat. No electricity also means no oven or stove, no hot water, no freezer or refrigerator (food can spoil), and no outlets to plug in and recharge your cell phone, just to name a few.


When the power goes out, generators can kick on literally within seconds. If it wasn’t for your flashing digital clock, you may not even know it went out. You’ll be able to keep those phones charged, access WiFi, watch TV, turn on lights and heat, and all the other conveniences you and your family enjoy in modern life.


Once you choose to invest in a generator, The Bosworth Company has you covered. As proud dealers of Kohler Generators, we install the unit outside your home. Kohler Generators run on liquid propane or natural gas and require minimal maintenance with no exterior power cords. As mentioned, they will fire up and bring your home power within seconds of an outage. Ask us about Power Boost technology, which controls the amount of electricity being delivered to your home. We’ll make sure your generator is the proper size and strength to meet the needs of your home.


If it was up to us, we’d never experience a winter freeze and widespread power outages again! But losing power from time to time is inevitable, and it’s going to happen again. Prepare yourself today by calling The Bosworth Company at 432-570-5233 or scheduling an appointment online. We’ll help you find the generator for you and ensure you won’t be left in the cold!