Home Maintenance Tips

It’s time to pull out the tool belt! Maintaining your home is just part of home ownership. After all, prevention is the key to avoiding costly repairs and replacements. But where do you even begin? Check out our home maintenance tips below!

Keep Your Dishwasher Dishwashing

It’s important to occasionally clean out the dishwasher trap at the bottom of your unit. It collects excess food and can build up grime after extensive use. You should also carefully clean out the seals around the washer to remove particles and gunk. The bacteria that breaks down the particles can also eventually eat away at those seals.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Conditioning

Another simple home maintenance hack is to clear out your air conditioner’s condensate line. This is the thin pipe that runs from your air conditioner to a place outside your home. When your AC runs, it “sweats” (think of beads of water on the side of a glass on a hot day). That liquid accumulates over time and needs a place to go.

This line can become clogged. These clogs cause the liquid to back up and eventually overflow from the AC drip pan. This can cause substantial leaks and damage if you don’t catch it quickly. Once a year, you should use a portable air compressor to blow out any clogs.

Keep Your Hot Water Heater Heating

West Texas is notorious for its hard water. Calcium, lime, and other mineralized sediment can accumulate at the bottom of your hot water heater. The accumulation becomes hard and creates an “insulation.” This prevents the heating element from properly doing its job. What does this mean? Low efficiency and high utility costs for you!

In order to keep it running at its best, it’s important to drain the tank completely every once in a while. For residents of West Texas, our hard water indicates that the tank should be drained once or twice each year.

Keep Your Dryer Drying

It’s important that you clean the removable lint catcher each time you use the dryer. To do this, you must remove the “accordion” from your dryer. Clean it out completely. Then, using a vacuum, suck up all of the excess lint from the cavity.

Seasonal Clean & Checks

Don’t feel like tackling home maintenance on your own? Don’t worry, the team at Bosworth can help! We offer seasonal clean & checks to prepare your home for the upcoming season. Learn more about our Fall and Spring services! Or, you can always schedule service online! Let us show you we’re worth the call. Always.