You’ve likely noticed that we write a lot of posts about what NOT to flush down the toilet. Trying to put something down the toilet that doesn’t belong is a surefire way to cause backups and potentially create big plumbing problems. In this post, we’ll continue that conversation and discuss why cigarettes, though seemingly small, should be safely disposed of in the trash and not your toilet.


Before we get to your plumbing, flushing cigarettes is bad for the environment as a whole because they are not biodegradable. Mouthpieces and foam filters will not dissolve over time. This means that even if they do make it through your pipes, and they can still build up in a septic tank, or even the sewer if they make it that far. These materials also contain contaminants that could eventually end up in the water supply.


The reason that cigarette butts can cause problems in your pipes is due to expansion. Just like a sponge, when the foam filters of a cigarette get wet, they expand and hold water. They can get caught in the U or S trap and if you keep flushing them, they will accumulate until they cause a clog.


As with other clogs, a plunger is a good go-to solution, especially for your toilet. Make sure you keep some water in the bowl while plunging. This will help make sure that enough force is targeting the area. You should be able to unplug the clog in a matter of minutes. 


If you have a major clog in your toilet that you think was caused by cigarettes, and you can’t fix it, it’s probably time to call the pros. Cigarettes can create some unique problems that require unique solutions. The Bosworth Company has experts that can help. Make an appointment today by scheduling it online or calling 432-570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.