Traditional central air and heat pumps use air ducts to keep warm or cool air flowing throughout your home. This helps keep your entire home at a comfortable temperature. But if you’re only using a few rooms, there are other options that could save you money. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of a ductless air conditioning system.


As mentioned above, central air will heat or cool your entire house – even the areas you don’t use. With a ductless system, you can break your home into zones. Each room has a separate unit that can be turned off and on as needed.


A Bosworth HVAC expert can easily install a ductless system in a room of your choice. The units can be easily attached to a wall. They can generally be installed in a place that preserves floor and wall space and is not noticeable.


When hot or cool air makes its way from your HVAC unit into your living spaces, some of it is lost. If there are tears in the ductwork or poor sealing at the edges, air will leak out into the attic. This creates excess air and excess power, which costs you money!


A ductless system can help make your air cleaner. Ductwork can become dusty, which can then be circulated into your home. Ductless systems contain special filters that can remove dust from the air as it’s circulated, with no ducts for excess dust to accumulate in.

You may not realize that ductless systems can have their own thermostats for each room. That enables people in each room to set it at their desired temperature. Ductless systems are also noticeably quieter than their central air counterparts.


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