In many of our posts, we discuss issues and problems you can’t see. Things hidden in pipes, underground, or in your attic. This topic is different, but it can be just as scary. If you have a leaky roof or any water in the attic, it will eventually show up as a wet spot on your ceiling. When that happens, it’s critical that you get the source of the leak fixed immediately. The wetter your ceiling gets, the more likely a cave-in can be, and you don’t want that!


If the problem is a leaky roof, it’s usually pretty obvious. The water stains in the ceiling show up after a big rain. Damage to your roof may have been caused by a recent hail storm. Another possible source is something that you may not have thought of…especially in the dry West Texas climate.


If your A/C unit is in the attic, the problem is likely a clogged drain pan. Turn off your A/C then head to the attic and find the drain pan. Condensation that’s generated by air conditioning is supposed to drain through a pipe that leads outside your home. But if there’s a clog in the line, water will stay in the pan. You should be able to put your finger in the drain pan and have it come out completely dry. If there’s too much water in the pan, it will overflow, leading to stains and water damage on your ceiling…which could turn into a very expensive headache.

To review: a clogged drain causes a full drain pan, a full drain pan causes spilled water in the attic, water leads to ceiling stains, and ceiling stains can indicate significant damage.

You can try to unclog it on your own, but navigating the lines can be difficult. We suggest you call an expert.


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