The Bosworth Company has the experts for all your home needs. That includes plumbing, HVAC, water treatment, and electrical! If you consider yourself handy around the house, you can probably tackle some DIY projects on your own. However, electrical projects should really be left to the pros. In this post, we’ll discuss loose outlet boxes and how the Bosworth Company can help you get them fixed.


Every electrical outlet on the wall in your home is anchored in an outlet box into the drywall. These can eventually loosen, causing some potential hazards. This may seem like an easy fix, but it’s more than just tightening a few screws. That’s why it’s critical you get a licensed electrician to help.


If you pull a cord out of the socket, and it seems the whole panel wants to come out, that’s a sign of a loose electrical box. Or maybe the faceplate just won’t stay straight against the wall. That’s also a sign of a loose electrical box. That’s a sign that the wires attached to the outlet are also loose. They could also be damaged if the wires scraped against any edges inside the wall. Other issues caused by loose outlet boxes can include:

  • Cracked faceplate: This could expose live electrical wires. If that’s the case, don’t use the outlet until the faceplate has been fixed.
  • Inconsistent electricity: Does the outlet deliver a strong, fast charge at times, and a weak, slow charge at other times? Not only is that annoying, it could also be bad for the battery on the device you’re charging.
  • Plug and cord damage: You shouldn’t have to force the plug into the socket. That’s another sign of a problem that needs fixing.
  • Electric Shock: A loose electric box could lead to a shock. This would most likely happen when plugging or unplugging a cord and could be lethal for you or your family.


The Bosworth Company is the place to call for electrical needs! If you have a loose electrical box or other issues, give our electricians a call today at 432-570-5233 or schedule an appointment online. It’s Worth The Call. Always.