How To Solve Common Household Problems

Many of the most common household problems you encounter have quick and simple fixes. In fact, you can even take care of them yourself! Check out this list (and remedies) to solve common household problems!

Flickering lights

This problem is rarely complex. Although it’s possible this may be a sign of bad electric wiring – a problem best addressed by professionals – it probably isn’t all that complicated. First, just try tightening the bulb. That could do the trick! However, if you find yourself always needing to buy new light bulbs, you should start by checking the specified wattage that the socket calls for. We often make the mistake of thoughtlessly buying light bulbs, leading us to destroy too many.

Low water pressure

Why isn’t there a heavier stream of flow? This may seem like a serious issue, but before you panic, lean over and look at the faucet mouth. A buildup of calcium can accumulate inside the aerator reducing the water’s pressure as it exits the sink. Simply remove the aerator and scrub! Calcium can be pretty tough sometimes. A simple trick to save yourself the muscle work: soak the aerator in vinegar for a few minutes. Vinegar? Yes, it stinks, but it works like magic.

Sink/tub isn’t draining

Water is getting backed-up? This one’s easy! (Just a bit grimy…) As you can probably imagine, food, debris, and hair can often clog the pop-up at the drain…YUCK! To save yourself the hassle, it’s suggested you regularly un-clog your pop-ups. That way it doesn’t have to get so bad. All you’ve got to do is remove the pop-up. Many pop-ups are latched to the bottom of the sink. Every design is slightly different but you can usually figure out how to unlatch and wiggle it out in a few tries. Once detached use needle-nose pliers or a zip-it to breakup and remove debris.

Leaky toilet base

This problem can seem daunting and drive homeowners away. Your first reaction might be to call the plumber. But, be assured that toilets are surprisingly simple mechanisms. You don’t have to be a trained home repair person to deal with this issue. If you’re lucky this can be fixed with a simple tightening of the tee bolts (the capped bolts on and along the base of the toilet). If they seem loose, use a crescent wrench and fasten them more securely. Hint: The bolts should be “snug.” Tightening them too much could cause hairline fractures.

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