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The Bosworth Company Announces Team Changes

As The Bosworth Company goes forward into its 68th year serving the Permian Basin, we are excited to announce the following changes to our corporate and management teams.

Corky Bosworth has been named Chairman of the Board.  Ron Ainsworth is Chief Executive Officer; Tom Knittle is President of The Bosworth Company – Midland and Stacy Nelson remains our Chief Financial Officer.

Additionally, Ruben Rodriguez will report to Tom Knittle as the Operations Manager of Bosworth‐  Midland.

“We are pleased to announce these changes in order to provide continuity for the next generation of our Bosworth team members. We want our customers to feel confident that the same level of service can be expected for generations to come” said Ron Ainsworth, CEO.  “We are committed to providing superior plumbing, HVAC and electrical services in the Permian Basin.”

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  1. We have known and enjoyed Corkies service since in was C. A. Gray. both commercially and privately.
    He helped construct a $M facility for our business and kept our home running smoothly since 1980.

    We like to think of you all as friends first : plumbers second.
    We still see Corky at dinner and smile every time we call and here EV’s voice.
    Thank you
    Chris Barr

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