These days efficiency is king. That’s why The Bosworth Company is proud to offer a full lineup of Lennox HVAC products, including new and improved packaged units. These units combine efficiency with function and affordability. These systems are a great choice if you’re looking to upgrade your entire system, as they’ll provide full comfort in the heat of summer and the chill of winter.


If a product is efficient, that means you can stay comfortable for a lower cost – in other words, high efficiency means high value! Lennox packaged units come with a SEER rating of either 14 or 16 and an AFUE value of 81. Despite these high-quality specs, installation can be quite affordable. That’s because the units come as a package: the air conditioner, furnace, and humidifier all in one.


Lennox packaged units can handle all your home comfort needs. Our experts can help you select the unit that’s the right size for your home. With the generally mild winters that are common in Midland and Odessa, you’ll want a heat pump that can handle a cold blast, but a heater meant for Alaska would be a bad fit.

When it comes to the heat, a high-efficiency air conditioner will manage the heat in your home, as well as help control dust and allergens.


The key to a packaged unit is not only keeping costs down but also making for an easy installation. All the heating and cooling components come in one compact installation. That means only one unit for both heating and cooling, instead of two. It also means a single blower and air handler. The unit is heavy duty with a base rail made of galvanized steel that keeps it off the ground to prevent corrosion and improve handling. The redesigned cabinet features an improved seal between compartments and channels water away from the unit.


Ready to upgrade to a new system that will save you money and keep you comfortable at the same time. Let The Bosworth Company tell you all about the new Lennox packaged units. Call us today at 432-570-5233 or make an appointment online. It’s Worth the Call. Always.