It can be confusing for the HVAC novice and frustrating for the homeowner. You hear your HVAC unit switch on, but when you put your hand up to the vent you feel nothing, or at least very little air coming out. What’s even more confusing is your home eventually gets warmer or cooler, even with the lack of airflow. Something’s wrong, right?


  1. DIRTY FILTERS: Dust, mold, and pollen are just a few of the things that can clog your filters. This restricts airflow and circulation. Replacing your filters are an easy fix, but you may need an expert to make sure your HVAC motor is strong enough to power air throughout your home.
  2. BENT/BLOCKED DUCTS: If the air duct in your attic crushed, damaged, blocked, or even installed improperly, this can restrict airflow. Sometimes these problems can be difficult to spot. Call one of our experts to inspect and figure out what’s wrong.
  3. LEAKING DUCTS: If your ducts are torn, this means air that’s supposed to get to your living space is never making it there. And like the bent or blocked ducts, they can be difficult to spot. Even a small hole can cause a loss in air pressure. You want that air getting to your living space, not floating around in the attic or elsewhere. We can seal your ducts to prevent leaking.
  4. OTHER ISSUES WITH INSTALLATION: Other problems can cause decreased airflow as well. For example, some homes simply have more ductwork than necessary. The farther the air has to travel, the more that will be lost. An excess amount of ductwork also means there’s more space to fill before the air starts blowing into your home.


The Bosworth Company offers a full range of services for home and commercial heating and air conditioning. That includes solving the mystery of low airflow. Give us a call today, and we’ll make sure your unit is operating at maximum efficiency. Schedule an appointment online or make your appointment by calling 432-570-5233. The Bosworth Company. Worth the Call. Always.