Cloudy Water

It’s one of the most dreaded plumbing issues for any household. You go to turn on the water, and what comes out – is a lot more than just water. Maybe it’s muddy, maybe it’s cloudy, maybe it’s bubbly… but it doesn’t look very safe for drinking, cleaning, or bathing. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the causes, and what you can do about them.


Small air bubbles in your water will normally clear up on their own a few minutes after leaving your faucet. Once in a glass, it just takes a few minutes for the extra air to escape. Air bubbles mean there is air trapped somewhere in your plumbing system, which is not uncommon if you’ve had recent plumbing work done on your home. Water pressure that’s too high can also cause a spike in bubbles.

Bubbles are harmless, but if they are bothering you, an air eliminator valve can help get rid of them.


We talk about hard water a lot in our posts because it’s such a problem here in West Texas. Hard water can affect taste and smell, and be hard on your skin and faucets. But it can also cause your water to be cloudy or milky.

There are a couple of primary solutions to hard water: reverse osmosis and water softeners. These are systems that can be added to your existing water supply to make the water tastier and clearer! The Bosworth Company has a variety of solutions, so let us know how we can help you!


Hard water can contain trace amounts of minerals that are collected as your water makes its way to your home. This can include elements of calcium and magnesium – things that make your water taste bad, but aren’t really dangerous. However, if your water source is compromised by other things, including algae, clay, and iron, this can be cause for concern. This can happen following construction or even heavy rain. Cloudiness can be a common side effect. If this happens to you, try a bag water filter or standard cartridge filter. The Bosworth Company can help if you have any questions.


If you use well water, and notice sputtering or popping in your faucets or air bubbles that look white – it’s possible that there is methane gas in your water supply. A small amount is considered safe, but if this problem persists, you should get it checked out.


The few things we’ve listed are just a small selection of potential causes of milky or cloudy water. As we explained, in some cases this is dangerous, but in others, it is just inconvenient. Either way, The Bosworth Company can help. Our experts can diagnose the problem, and fix it. Make an appointment online, or by calling 432-570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.