Many of our posts touch on the hassle of hard water, which is particularly problematic in West Texas. However, hard water is primarily just a nuisance, not necessarily a danger. However, there is another potential contaminant in West Texas water that can be dangerous. In this post, we’ll discuss arsenic, and how its presence is more common here than in any other region of the country.


Arsenic occurs naturally in groundwater. It’s particularly a problem in our area due to the bedrock below the surface. The EPA recommends no more than 5 parts per billion of concentration as a standard for safe drinking – however, even trace amounts can have side effects, especially for children.


As mentioned, arsenic is found in groundwater. Public water systems generally use chlorine treatments for disinfection which removes virtually all of the potentially harmful arsenic. However, if you are on well water, it’s even more important that you have an in-home water filtering solution.


Reverse osmosis, commonly called RO for short, is a filtering process for water in your home. The selectively permeable membrane works by allowing the fresh H2O to pass through while trapping arsenic and other contaminants in the filter. Depending on the type of arsenic in your water, RO can be a solution to help ensure the water you’re drinking is safe.

One of the benefits of RO is that it can be installed for your entire home, or be set up on particular faucets. To combat arsenic, you may choose to only use an RO filter in the kitchen but not in the bathroom, since you wouldn’t normally drink or cook with water from the bathroom. While arsenic can be harmful to drink, it is not shown to be dangerous for washing or bathing unless in abnormally high concentrations that would not occur under typical circumstances.


The Bosworth Company has a variety of water purification solutions for your home or business, including reverse osmosis. If you use well water and want to reduce the amount of arsenic, or even if you just want better-tasting water for your home, give us a call today. You can make an appointment online, or call us at 570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.