As you are aware, our water supply is “hard” (meaning it’s heavy with minerals, including calcium). When the hot water that runs through your faucet cools, the minerals drop out of the water and collect on the faucet. How can you eliminate calcium buildup on faucets?

• water
• Ziploc
• rubber band
• gloves
• Magic Eraser (or sponge)

1. Before beginning, read the CLR bottle and make sure it’s compatible with your faucet material. We also recommend spot testing the CLR before beginning.

2. Put on gloves and fill your Ziploc with 1 part CLR, 1 part water.

3. Secure it on your faucet spout (shower head) with a rubber band and leave it for a few hours.

4. Rub the buildup off with a Magic Eraser (or similar sponge).

5. There you have it, just like new!

To prevent calcium buildup from hard water, you should definitely consider investing in a water softener.  At The Bosworth Company, we would be happy to help you find the one that’s right for your home. In addition to preventing calcium buildup, soft water means more cleaning power from household soaps, less cleaning, cleaner laundry, and a cleaner conscience. A water softener improves your home’s water efficiency by up to 40% and eliminates hardness. Contact the professionals at Bosworth for more information TODAY!