Wiring for WiFi

Even if you’re the type of person who doesn’t “keep up with the Joneses,” you have to admit that in 2019 (almost) everyone has WiFi. Even our parents have WiFi…and they have…for a while. But just having your internet provider come and set up your WiFi, doesn’t mean that the electrical setup is ideal.  In reality, many homes and businesses hard wire many of their devices, even if they use WiFi as well. Some devices may even require wiring for setup.

Hiring an Electrician for WiFi Wiring

When wiring a home for internet, it’s important to call a professional. The Bosworth Company’s team of professional electricians can provide wiring for all your telephone, cable, and internet-related needs. They’ll be able to map out a custom plan for your home or office that will maximize coverage while limiting the number of holes in walls or the ceiling. A certified electrician will also be able to bundle wires in a safe manner.

WiFi Router Placement and Boosting

If WiFi is the way to go, it’s important that your routers be placed in the correct location to maximize your service. This includes evaluating your floor plan and the rooms where you’ll most often use the internet. The router should be centrally located, keeping in mind that walls between you and your router can decrease the effectiveness of your WiFi. If your home is more than 1000 square feet, or multiple stories, you’ll likely need an additional router. Some secondary routers work like a booster, improving the signal strength of your primary router. Make sure you get the variety of router/booster that best fits the needs of your space. If a second router is necessary, it’s a good idea to contact an electrician, as rewiring is likely necessary.

Call The Bosworth Company

Setting up your internet on your own may seem like an easy task, but there are things that a professional electrician can do to make sure you maximize your internet’s effectiveness. Schedule an appointment with The Bosworth Company today by calling us at 432-570-5233 or scheduling online! Worth the call. Always.