Troubleshooting Motion-Activated Security Lights

Motion-activated exterior lights are becoming more popular as a home security feature. But does it sometimes feel like they stay on forever, or for longer than intended? The “surprise” of the lights is less effective when the lights are on all the time, and it can be a waste of energy as well. In this post, we’ll discuss some ways to make sure your lights are working as they should!


If motion-activated lights are staying on longer than desired, the first thing to check is the settings. “Mode jamming” occurs when the light is set to the “always-on” mode. It’s a common feature that can be turned on without you realizing it.

One such scenario could be a power surge. The loss, then restoration, of sudden power can cause the settings to reset automatically. If a power surge has happened recently, this is a definite possibility.

Another way the settings could have been set to “always-on” is if the lights have been switched off and on too quickly. This can also inadvertently cause the settings to change.

If you find that your lights are always on, try cutting the power for about 30 seconds, then turning it back on. Your motion-sensor light should reset, so it will turn on for about two or three minutes, then turn off as it should.


Other issues surrounding motion-activated security lighting generally revolve around normal wear and tear. Some advanced systems have sensitivity settings that can make your system overly sensitive. An example would be a car driving past your property, but never coming on your property, causing the light to turn on needlessly.


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