These days, a lot of us are focused on saving money on the electricity in our homes. But what if we could make comfort a priority while saving money at the same time? After a long, hot summer, we’re now in the depths of winter, and your HVAC unit is likely getting plenty of use. In this post, we’ll take a look at how investing in upgrading your HVAC can help you save money on your power bill and stay comfortable.


If your HVAC unit is more than 10-12 years old, it may be time to consider an upgrade. As they age, efficiency decreases, making the unit work harder to keep you comfortable. For example, an older unit may need to run all day to maintain the set temperature, while a newer unit will reach and maintain that temperature much more efficiently – keeping you comfortable and saving money on your power bill.

Tune-ups to your heating and a/c are important, but frequent repairs can add-up. Upgrading to a new system can often be a better value. Not only have they not had the wear-and-tear of an old unit, but they are also state-of-the-art and made to be more efficient. Not only does this save you money, but it’s also good for the environment.


We talk about comfort and saving money, but a new HVAC unit can also keep you healthier. That’s because an upgraded, more efficient unit can help clean the air, filtering out dust, allergens, and other debris, all while keeping humidity levels safe. Changing your air filters are important, but a brand new unit will really help purify the air. 

You may even want to ask us about one of our new air purification units, that scientifically rid the air of contaminants.


If you’re heating and cooling your whole house and only using two rooms, you’re wasting money. Newer HVAC units and thermostats offer features not found in older generations. One good example is room-by-room climate control, sometimes called “zoning.” 


As you can see, upgrading your HVAC system offers several advantages to your comfort. It can also save you money. The experts at The Bosworth Company can consult with you about the perfect solution for you and your home. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 432-570-5233 today. It’s Worth The Call. Always.