Out here in West Texas, we talk a lot about hard water. The natural mineral deposits that end up in our tap water aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they taste bad, can have a funny odor, and can stain kitchen and bathroom appliances. If you live in town and are on the city’s water line you’ve likely got hard water, and if you get your water from a well, it’s likely just as hard. But there is good news: The Bosworth Company can install a reverse osmosis system on your water supply, regardless of where it comes from even from water wells.


Reverse Osmosis, or commonly called RO for short, is the opposite of osmosis, where two liquids naturally combine. Since reverse osmosis is the opposite of the natural process, force has to be applied. In a nutshell, an RO system forces the water through a semipermeable membrane (a fancy way of saying “filter”) before it gets to your faucet. This process eliminates any extra chemical or mineral deposits, leaving you with pure, great-tasting water.


This process works just as “well” on well water as city water. The installers at The Bosworth Company can determine the exact RO system that you need. It will depend on how much water you use, the hardness of the water, and the size of your tank.


Depending on the factors mentioned above, a home with well water could be a perfect candidate for combining your RO system with a water softener. Water softeners work in conjunction with RO systems to create the cleanest, smoothest, best tasting and feeling water imaginable. Unlike RO systems, which eliminate harmful contaminants, water softeners add ions to your water that actually neutralize those contaminants. When the ions are added to the minerals, it makes the filtering of the RO process even more effective, making your water even cleaner.


City water and well water can both use some treatment to taste better and be better for bathing and washing. If your home uses well water, it can be a good idea to get the water tested to see what additional minerals or other contaminants may be present. If you’re ready to invest in a water purification system, whether it be RO, a water softener, or both, The Bosworth Company can help. Make an appointment online, or call 432-570-5233 for a consultation. It’s Worth the Call. Always.