Common Signs of Electrical Problems in an Electrical System

Spotting Faulty Wiring 

In every home and business, hundreds or thousands of feet of wiring carry electricity to the outlets and lighting used daily to power life. Just like a plumbing problem, electrical problems can occur at any point along the wiring and can often cause serious damage. 

Learning to spot faulty wiring is essential to keeping a property running reliably and safely. By learning the signs of faulty wiring, owners can spot problems and call for repairs before the situation gets dangerous. Here is a quick article discussing three common signs of faulty wiring that require the attention of an expert. 

Tripped Circuit Breakers and Blown Fuses 

The wiring itself is one of an electrical system’s more durable and reliable components. Things often go awry at points of use for electricity or places where wiring is joined together as part of a circuit. When wires are improperly joined, or points of use like outlets are starting to wear out, the flow of electricity will change. On one hand, if the electricity slows down, heat can build up and cause a fire. On the other hand, if electricity travels too fast, it causes circuit breakers to trip or fuses to blow. 

Circuit breakers and fuses shouldn’t trip or blow under normal circumstances. If tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses are a common problem on a property, it is a major indicator that something else is going wrong within the wiring. Call electricians to sniff out the problem so they can make repairs before problems get worse. This will not only protect the property; it will restore normal, convenient electrical function. 

Hot or Smoky Electrical Outlets 

outletWhile circuit breakers are used to stop the flow of electricity that is too much for wiring to handle, the devices used to stop electrical arcs aren’t widely deployed yet. Electrical arcs are what occur when connections between wiring or electrical components impede the flow of electricity. Newer electrical codes require devices that sense the resulting arcs and trip like a circuit breaker, but there is a better way to tell if problems are occurring at outlets. 

Outlets are the most common site of wiring problems. Over time, they can wear out, or slight movements can cause damage to the wiring that could result in an arc. When arcs occur in outlets, they leave soot or scorch marks near the device. When these are spotted, repairs must be made quickly. 

Buzzing Sound or Burning Smell Near Outlets or Appliances 

smellThe final sign of faulty wiring is similar to the second. When arcs occur, not only do they leave visible marks, but they can also make noise and put off a distinct odor. As owners make their way through their homes every day, they should be on the lookout for electrical odors or buzzing noises that indicate electrical arcs in switches, appliances, and outlets. 

Repairs can be made quickly and often consist of replacing a wiring section or installing a new outlet. Never delay repairs when these signs are spotted since they can ignite fires or cause electrical shock. 

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