3 Common Electrical Problems Caused By Stormy Weather

Most of the time, the weather in Midland and Odessa is pretty nice. Hot, but not humid, in the summer and generally mild winters. But we all know some of the surprise thunderstorms we get can be really nasty. In some cases, they can cause damage to your home’s electrical system. In this post, we’ll examine the different ways severe weather can damage your electrical system, and make sure you know who to call when you need an immediate repair.


It may seem rare, but it does happen. Strong winds, combined with heavy rain, can knock down or break a power pole. But here’s the thing – in some cases the wires themselves can remain intact, continuing to provide power to your home. Depending on the extent of the damage, this may seem like a problem that can be temporarily ignored – but it isn’t!

Power poles are specifically designed to keep live electric wires away from people and off the ground. Not only is there a danger of electrocution, but any live wire on or near the ground can also be a fire hazard. Make sure it’s repaired right away.


In West Texas, when it rains, it pours! Streets often flood quickly, and homes can too! If there’s any chance that water reached the height of plugs in your home – or even your garage – they should be thoroughly checked by a licensed electrician before using them again. If plugging something in causes sparks or smoke, or you see burn marks around the outlet, steer clear!


Wind and rain can also do a number on the lights on your porch or shed. If these lights get disconnected, or the power line from the house to the shed is damaged, it’s critical to get it repaired right away! A licensed electrician can show you how and can take care of the work.


The next time a storm pops up, you have a trusted source you can call with any electrical needs. The licensed professionals at The Bosworth Company can identify the damage and get you back up and running in no time. You can make an appointment online, or by calling (432) 570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.