Not everyone knows what water softeners are even for. So here’s a little crash course on water softeners, and the basics you need to know. Water softeners serve multiple purposes, from getting glassware crystal clear, keeping your water pipes flowing properly, extending the life of your water appliances, and reducing your monthly energy bill, to giving your drinking water a more natural taste. Because of these reasons, the popularity of water softeners has skyrocketed.


 What Do Water Softeners Do, Exactly?

Water Softeners are machines, or systems rather, that are specifically designed to reduce the excessive mineral content that’s in your shower, bath, drinking, and washing water. So basically, the water that comes through the pipes and through the faucets of your home, is potentially what’s considered “hard” water. These water softening systems can remove the water hardness in your entire home.


What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains a higher than normal level of calcium and magnesium. You won’t be able to tell by just looking at it though! Calcium, magnesium and other minerals come to be in the water by the water rushing through streams and rivers and passing over the rocks; originally, the rocks, pebbles, gravel and so contained the minerals which were passed on to the water.


Does Soft Water Taste Better Than Hard Water?

That one’s up in the air. It seems that it’s a personal preference. Some people say softened water tastes saltier to them, and others like the taste of hard water because it still has the minerals that gives it that “straight out of the stream” taste. So the taste part just depends on the person.


What Does Soft Water Do?

 Soft water extends the life of your water appliances, such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater. Because hard water creates a scale buildup in the pipes of water appliances, the water heater’s efficiency is reduced, thus increasing the monthly energy bill. Even ice makers and coffee pots can experience an extended life. Additionally, hard water, can potentially lead to clogged plumbing and decreased water flow in the pipes due to scale buildup. Soft water also make your towels feel a whole lot softer, and the glasses, dishes, and silverware won’t have spots on thema fter you’ve spent time scrubbing them in the sink. Soft water also keeps your clothes brighter and looking better since over time, minerals in hard water can leave your clothes looking dull.


So if you’re tired of spotty glasses, dull clothes and hard bath towels, among other things, consider a new water softener system. Contact the professional team at the Bosworth Company for all your questions and needs when it comes to water softeners.