Installing a Bathroom Fan

Mold and mildew are a scary sight in any bathroom. Not only is it ugly, it can also cause allergies and other serious health problems. An exhaust fan is a simple upgrade that can help get the air flowing in your bathroom and reduce the risk of dangerous mold. In this post, we’ll discuss installing or replacing your fan, and how The Bosworth Company can help.


The purpose of the fan is to capture the moist air in your bathroom and replace it with dry air. Like any vent, dirt and dust will accumulate in it and on it over time. You should occasionally check the fan itself to see if it’s dirty.

To do this, make sure to turn off the power to the bathroom first, then remove the fan cover. You can use a vacuum to clean up the fan and the area surrounding it, and rinse the cover with soap and water. Scrub down the fan blades to remove any excess dust. 

Replace the cover and turn the power back on. If it fires back up and works, you’re in great shape.


The Bosworth Company has electricians that can perform a variety of tasks around your home – including installing bathroom fans. But if you want to try it yourself, here are a few steps:

  1. Turn off the power at the breaker.
  2. Remove the old fan. This requires some work, including removing some screws and disconnecting wires. This may require going into the attic to access some of the screws.
  3. Remove all dust from the area
  4. Make sure the vent is leading outside. An electrician can check this for you to make sure that it goes outside and not into the attic or another unseen area.
  5. If you’ve purchased a new fan, you’ll need to attach it the same way you took the old one off. That means you’ll possibly need to access the attic again. You’ll also need to make sure that the new duct leads outside, and that you use HVAC tape to secure it.
  6. Turn the breaker back on and test it out!


There are some things we recommend you try on your own. Though we described the process above, this isn’t one of them. Any time electrical work is involved, we recommend you call a professional. The Bosworth Company offers full electrician services to meet your needs. Make an appointment today by scheduling it online or by calling (432) 570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.