In West Texas, we know how important an HVAC is…those West Texas summers can be downright brutal. Sometimes it’s fun to learn something new about those systems we rely so heavily on. How did it even get started anyways? Where did it begin? Check out these HVAC history fun facts below!

Who Knew?

  • The very first concept of air conditioning occurred around 500 years ago in Persia.
  • The Romans were the first civilization to use any type of warm-air heating system.
  • The development of modern day air conditioning was one of the biggest boosts to the movie industry, as movie theaters could get very uncomfortable in the hot summer months.
  • In 1903, The New York Stock Exchange building in New York City was one of the first structures to use an air conditioning machine.
  • 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are actually turned off.
  • The amount of energy the United States uses each year to power air conditioning units is about the same amount of energy consumed by the entire continent of Africa.
  • Packard was the first automobile manufacturing company to incorporate air conditioning in their cars in 1936.
  • As a society, we have made incredible societal advances in technology such as medicine, delivery and storage of food, large-scale production, manufacture of computers and data storage.
  • Ever since 1960, 60% of America’s economic growth can be attributed to air conditioning in the South and West where it has become possible to live and work year-long in comfortable conditions.

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Wow, HVAC really has come a long ways, hasn’t it?? In fact, we can thank it for many of the systems we have today! For other insightful tips like these, check out our Who Knew? board on Pinterest!