Most of us are familiar with the feeling of being constantly plugged into our devices – phones, tablets, computers and other gadgets are always with us. While technology is great, more electronics mean more wires. With more wires, comes more clutter and eyesores, not to mention potential tripping hazards. The good news is, you can get rid of cord clutter with just a few simple steps. Have a look!


First, it’s important to organize your cords and correctly pair them with their device. Yes, by organization, we mean getting rid of those cords that you no longer use (i.e. cords that were left behind after devices have been replaced or thrown out). No, you won’t need them again.


There are many tools you can use to bundle your cords – from binder clips to zip-ties or even simple twist ties! Take the time to coil your cords tightly, removing excess slack and conserving space.


After the cords are bundled, consider wrapping the bundle in masking tape and writing the name of the cord on the tape. This will help you easily identify the cord and determine what device it belongs to (without having to bring out all your devices and see if the plug fits into the device port)…don’t worry, we’ve all done it.


After you take the time to organize, bundle and label these cords, it’s time to store them appropriately. It’s not always the best idea to have them in a drawer, as they can get jumbled and mixed together with other items. Instead, use a basket or box used specifically for cords. You could even opt for more of a decorative basket or box and use it as a stackable piece used as decoration.


If you’re looking to hide exposed wires, such as wall-mounted TVs, consider investing in cord covers. These covers can be found at most home maintenance stores and come in several different sizes and lengths. Similar to cord covers, you can also purchase cable sleeves – another easy way to organize and conceal cords.

The best and easiest way to eliminate cord clutter is to never have it in the first place! After you’ve organized and sorted your existing cords, don’t let new cords create new clutter. When you get a new electronic, be sure to properly bundle, label and store the cord with the others.

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