How Long Should Plumbing Last?

Is your house brand new? 10 years old? 20? 50? Let’s say it’s 50 years old and looks great. The curb appeal, the yard, a fresh coat of paint inside and out, and renovations as necessary. But what about plumbing? Since it’s behind the wall or under the counter, many times it can be neglected. Let’s examine the importance of keeping your plumbing up to date.


As mentioned, a house can look nice, but plumbing issues could be problems that you don’t see. A worn-out carpet can easily be replaced. But a burst pipe could mean a new carpet, as well as a myriad of other costs. That’s why it’s important to keep your pipes and plumbing updated.


A great time to take a closer look at your plumbing is during routine renovations. If you’re getting a new kitchen or bathroom, don’t just decorate what you can see, check out what you can’t see. Pipes are hidden underground, in the crawl space, or behind the wall. During a renovation, the pipes will be exposed, and easier to access and replace if necessary.


Every household has its own circumstances: relatives, kids, budget, housing, even the weather patterns in the area where you live. Depending on your situation, you might be inclined to put off expensive repairs as long as possible. So when do they become really necessary? 

Here’s a guide to how long your pipes should last based on what they’re made from:

Copper (50+ years)

Brass (40-45 years)

Cast Iron (75-100 years)

Galvanized Steel (20-50 years)

PVC (50-70 years but, if properly maintained, they can potentially last indefinitely!)

If you’re not sure what kind of pipes you’ve got, finding out is easy. Just check the inspection report from when you bought your home.


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