In our last post, we looked at some of the signs of a leak in a wall or ceiling. We really want to emphasize that water leaks in these areas can cause major damage that can be expensive to fix. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get! In this post, we’ll take a look at what causes a water stain and how to fix what’s causing it.


Here are just a few of the common causes of wall and ceiling leaks:

Pipe fittings and/or plumbing connections: This can include faucets in showers or sinks. A loose faucet can cause a leak every time you use it.

Leaky appliances: A leaky toilet base is a sign of a problem. If water is continually around the base, look out. A leak in your dishwasher hose can also allow water to get on the floor. If you live in a two-story home, these leaks can show on the ceiling of the room directly below the leak.

Frozen pipes: As outlined in many of our posts, frozen pipes can burst, causing severe flooding in some cases.

Roof leaks: In a one-story house, water spots on the ceiling may mean you have a leak in your roof or chimney.


Sometimes, determining the cause of a leak can be tricky, especially if it’s behind a wall. A break in a pipe in one area may lead to a spot in another area, even another room. The experts at The Bosworth Company can identify what needs to get fixed. Here’s how:

  • Turn on and check all plumbing fixtures for leaks.
  • Using state-of-the-art plumbing tools, we can find the source of the leak, with minimal disruption to your home.
  • We have the know-how to evaluate the best way to fix the leak, based on what’s causing it and where it’s located in your home.
  • Once we’re through, we’ll make sure to clean up and leave your home better than we found it.

If you’ve got a suspicious water stain or some potential leaks damaging your home, give us a call today! You can set an appointment by calling the Bosworth Company at 432-570-5233 or scheduling one online. It’s Worth the Call. Always.