Clogged HVAC Drain Line

One of the fun scientific aspects of modern air conditioning is that it not only removes hot air from your home, it removes humidity as well. Even in a dry climate like West Texas, getting any moisture out of the air is a key way to make you feel comfortable inside your home. The moisture collected by your HVAC unit should collect in a pipe that leads out of your home. If the drain gets clogged, it collects in a pan. But that pan has no outlet. The pan will eventually overflow, causing water damage to your home.


The water that collects in the air handler’s condensate contains tiny particles and bacteria that is collected in the air. These particles eventually build up creating algae, mold, and other debris in your pipes. Since the pipe leads outside, contaminants can even come in from the outside – including dust and insects.


The best way to check for a clog is by checking the drain pan. This is a wide pan that sits directly below your HVAC unit. You’ll have to go into the access to check. When you find the pan, put your finger in. It should be completely dry. As mentioned above, the pan is where the water goes when the drain line is clogged. If there’s any water at all, that means you’ve got a clog. Even if it’s not overflowing just yet – it will soon unless you get it fixed!


There are some DIY ways to clean your drain line. You can try a wet/dry shop van. You can try to move the clog by suctioning from either end to loosen the clog. An air compressor can accomplish the same thing. This can be easier said than done because getting enough suction to move the clog can be difficult. A few tips include using various attachments, using a rag, or clogging the other end of the line to make the suction stronger.

If you are able to clear the clog, make sure you pour some vinegar down the drain to help kill any remaining contaminants (and even help prevent future clogs). 


Unfortunately, these solutions can be difficult and don’t always work. An HVAC expert can help clear your clogged drain line by using professional equipment. This is a simple service offered by The Bosworth Company as a part of a regular Clean and Check. Schedule an appointment online today or call us at 432-570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always!