Ceiling Fans in Winter?

Ceiling fans are great for keeping you cool in the summer while keeping energy costs down. But did you know these can increase comfort (and, yes, even help keep you warm) during the winter? Strange but true – let us explain.


Fans are one of the simplest machines out there. They push the air and create a breeze, which keeps you cool. Simple enough, but there is actually some science behind it. The blades are designed to distribute air evenly throughout a room. This can make the room feel about four degrees cooler than it would otherwise.


In the winter, fans work in a similar way, only this time to help heat the room. The secret is found by flipping a small switch at the base of the fan. This will reverse the direction the blades spin and will actually help spread warm air throughout your room. Here’s how:

  • The blades draw in air from around the room and push it towards the ceiling.
  • The air hits the ceiling, then moves to the outer walls
  • From there it heads back to the floor, completing the circulation
  • We know that heat rises, so getting the warm air at the top involved in the circulation will help warm the entire room.
  • As this process repeats, the air throughout the room will feel warmer and warmer. 


Just as during the summer months using fans means you’re not running the A/C, fans can save on heating costs during the winter. In fact, consistently running ceiling fans could save you up to 15% on your heating costs during the winter. Be sure to use an Energy Star-rated fan to potentially save even more.

Just remember, fans (for heating or cooling) are designed to circulate the air in a single room. An HVAC system is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home.


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