Air Purifiers and COVID

Air Purification systems can lead to cleaner, healthier air in your home. They can be especially valuable for those with allergies, or suffering from respiratory issues. These days, air purifiers have another advantage: eliminating pathogens, including dangerous viruses that cause COVID-19. In this post, we’ll discuss how a home air purification system can protect you, and explain some of the options available from The Bosworth Company.


Imagine taking in a breath of fresh mountain air. Typically, the closest you’ll find to that indoors is at a hospital. Due to infectious diseases carried by patients, hospitals have long used the best air purification systems available. Now, Lennox is offering the same level of protection for your home. The all-new PureAir S Air Purification System, along with the Lennox Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16 air filter, has been clinically proven to remove more than 99% of viruses from your air, including those that cause the spread and infection of COVID-19.


The key element of any air purification system is the filter. The quality of the filter determines the size of the particles and other contaminants that get through. What’s left is the purest air you can imagine. The Lennox system removes 99% of common virus particles, including those causing COVID, the flu, and even the common cold. When it comes to common particles, such as mold, pollen, dust, and pet dander, the amount of particles eliminated grows to 99.9%! The PureAir and PureAir S systems do all this without producing ozone, which can be hard on the lungs and environment.


The Lennox PureAir system, when combined with Lennox Healthy Climate filters, has been tested by LMS Technologies, an independent filtration research and testing lab, which found Lennox products to offer unrivaled filtration performance and ultimate air purity.


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