5 Vital Things to Know About Surge Protectors

The Bosworth Company’s licensed electricians are ready to answer all of your electrical needs. You’ve probably heard about power surges frying your TV or refrigerator. But there’s an easy solution to protect your appliances and other high-end electronics. In this post, we’ll discuss surge protectors: a practical way to protect electrical devices in your home.


Even if you already have a surge protector in your home, it’s important to remember that like all household items, they can wear out. Surge protectors are constantly monitoring electricity – so they’re always working, even if you haven’t had a surge. Oftentimes, especially on older units, you may not even realize when they are no longer working, and it’s important not to be caught without one.


Though they may seem similar, surge protectors are different from power strips. Power strips even look like surge protectors, but they are not the same. Power strips enable you to plug multiple devices into a single outlet. While power strips can be handy, they do nothing in the event of a surge. When shopping for a device to increase the reach of your outlets, make sure it’s clearly labeled as a surge protector!


Surge protectors can be set up to protect your ethernet cable, which provides power and connectivity for your internet, phone, and/or home security system. These can surge, like other power lines, and damage your equipment, so it’s a good idea to have them protected by a surge protector made specifically for ethernet cables.


Surge protectors often come with warranties that protect your devices. In some cases, they will cover many expensive electronics. The protector itself plus the warranty equals double protection!


Surge protectors are typically used on individual outlets or rooms. You may not realize you can get a whole-home protector to guard against power surges in your entire house! This option can also be less expensive than purchasing 10-15 (or more) individual surge protectors.


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