5 Simple Steps To Flush & Inspect Your Water Heater Tank

It’s one of the largest appliances in your home, and also one of the most critical. Are you taking good care of your hot water heater? Flushing the water heater is a good way to help make sure your tank will keep providing hot water to your home for years to come! This is especially critical in the Odessa and Midland area, where hard water is prevalent and can wreak havoc on your appliances, especially your water heater. In this post, we’ll outline some steps you can take to protect your tank.


The first step in flushing your water heater tank is to turn off everything! Not just the water, but everything that’s connected to your water heater! That means you’ll need to shut off the gas and/or electricity that runs your tank as well. You can do this by shutting off the valves at the tank, and then shutting off the power at the circuit breaker.


Next, you’ll need to drain the tank. You can do this by attaching a garden hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Once the hose is fully secure to prevent leaks, open the valve and let the entire tank drain. You can probably drag the other end of the hose into the street and let the water drain there.


When draining is complete, you’ll be able to inspect the anode rods. These are the metal rods that help keep your tank’s water clean. They should typically be replaced about every three years, but take a look at them to make sure they look ok. To check them out, you’ll need to loosen the cover and disconnect the electric lines. You can pull the rod out and look for signs of corrosion or damage. If they look fine, put it right back in the tank, but if not, make sure to have replacements on hand.


Water heaters are equipped with a pressure relief valve for safety. It’s a good idea to test the valve by opening and closing it to make sure it’s working properly and that it will open like it’s supposed to if there’s too much pressure in your tank.


Make sure everything’s back in place (including the drain valve!), and you can turn the water valve on and let the tank refill! As it’s filling, open the gas valve to prepare for the heating process, then flip the switch to turn the power on!


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