4 Vital HVAC Prep Tips for Home Renovation Projects

Renovations are an exciting thing for any homeowner. Redoing a bathroom, kitchen, flooring, or even a simpler project is a great way to improve comfort and increase the value of your home. But did you know that home renovation projects have the potential to cause problems for your HVAC system? In this post, we’ll discuss ways you can prepare your HVAC for any remodeling plans to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


We often harp on the importance of changing your air filters – and this is especially true if you are about to have work done on your home. That’s because the dust created from construction debris can easily get in the air and circulate throughout your home. Clean filters will not only catch those particles but also make sure air continues to flow freely, so you can breathe easily! It’s actually a good idea to change out the filters both before and after a renovation project. Depending on the size of the project, you might even need a fresh filter partway through!


Curtains are great decorative accents, but they are terrible about attracting dust and are often infrequently cleaned. Get ahead of your renovation by removing curtains during the project, to prevent that dust from attaching itself to your drapes. Since you can’t just pack up your carpet on a whim – give them a deep clean once the renovation is complete. All that excess dust is bad for your systems (personal and HVAC)!


Depending on the time of year, you may even consider reducing how much you run your HVAC while the renovation is taking place. Air circulation is normally great for your home, but if you’re just stirring up dust, it could be a negative. If a high volume of dust particles do make their way into your system, it could cause major efficiency issues!


The Bosworth Company recommends getting your HVAC cleaned and checked by a professional at least twice a year. If you haven’t had yours checked out in a while, and you’re planning some home renovations, now may be a good time. Things like high energy bills, dirty filters, dust, and temperature changes around your home can be a sign that your unit needs a tune-up.

With milder temps so far this year, The Bosworth Company is still offering our Fall Clean and Check. For just $109, our expert technicians will completely service your entire system. Make an appointment online, or call us today at (432) 570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.