4 Productivity-Boosting Home Office Upgrades

Even if you aren’t one of the lucky ones who’ve started working from home in the past couple of years, chances are you have thought about upgrading your home office. If you want to do it the right way and give your home that professional feel, you’re going to need help from a certified electrician. In this post, we’ll discuss some popular upgrades options, and how they can help improve your work-from-home vibe!


Lighting may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to a home office, but it should be. Proper lighting can make every area of your office a more productive workspace. An overhead light and a desk lamp likely aren’t enough. Think about how overhead, ambient, and task lighting will make you look during your next Zoom call! Proper lighting helps you see your work, which is good for your energy and focus and helps prevent drowsiness. It can even help prevent headaches caused by straining to read in low light.


When working from home, it’s critical to get enough power to your computer. Older homes typically don’t have the capacity to handle multiple powerful devices at once, which can lead to overloading the current circuit. If the circuit trips, it could be damaging to your equipment and cause you to lose work on your device. A circuit breaker is great, but is yours working properly? It can be a good idea to update the wiring in your home, and provide a circuit exclusively for your home office to guarantee you won’t have any problems.


In the information age, it’s critical to have uninterrupted internet access. Many homes have moved away from a hard-wired connection and toward Wi-Fi. However, if you are working from home, getting your system hard-wired may be a safer option. A weak or spotty Wi-Fi signal is bound to crash at a critical moment – and a hard-wire solution fixes most potential internet issues completely. It also assures better connectivity on multiple devices without slowing down.


Choosing to upgrade your entire electrical panel will help deliver reliable power to your entire home, not just your home office. That means all appliances, as well as your HVAC system, lights, TV, and anything else that demands energy. This can help improve performance and reduce the risk of overheating and the potential for electrical fires.


If you’ve just started working from home and are interested in a home office upgrade, or maybe you just need some electrical work done around the house, The Bosworth Company is here to help. We have certified technicians to help you with all your electrical needs. Make an appointment online, or call us today at (432) 570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.