At The Bosworth Company, we have certified professionals in plumbing and HVAC to meet your needs! But, besides being highly qualified HVAC experts, we also have certified electricians who can handle all of your home or business electrical work. In this post, we’ll discuss a few of the common electrical services needs that some homeowners may not know about.


You probably think of a surge protector as insurance for keeping your appliances and devices safe from a potential power surge. While that is the purpose of a surge protector, most are only made for one device, or a handful of devices, from a single outlet. At that rate, it could take 10 or surge protectors to guard your entire home! Instead of breaking it down, just invest in a single surge protector for your entire home. Whole-home surge protectors protect all your devices at once!


Like anything else in your home, breaker panels can get old and wear out. Outdated breaker boxes can even turn into bigger problems, such as a potential fire hazard. Breakers are supposed to trip in the event of a problem – so if it hasn’t happened recently, it’s worth getting checked. Old or broken boxes can be dangerous and present electrical problems.


If you seem to have power strips and/or extension cords cluttering your home, chances are you could use some new electrical outlets. Also, loose outlets can be a potential fire hazard in your home. Installing a new circuit for an outlet will make your home safer and more convenient for you. Have a licensed electrician from The Bosworth Company test the tension on your outlets and install new ones if necessary.


Many homes likely need to have ground fault breakers, or ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) breakers installed. These safety features are generally required on newer homes, but old homes may not have them. These are meant to protect homeowners from electric shocks and electrocution. They are generally installed in kitchens and garages.


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