3 Thermostat Tips To Keep You Comfortable

You may not realize it, but one of the most critical elements of your entire HVAC system is that small plastic thing that sits on your wall: the thermostat. There are some special techniques you can use to make sure you’re best using the thermostat to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the thermostat strategies that will help you stay comfortable, and keep energy costs down at the same time.


Naturally, extreme hot or cold temperatures outside will have a direct impact on the temperature inside. The further the outside temps get from your comfort zone, the more energy is used to keep your home in a comfortable range.

In Odessa and Midland, especially in the fall, it could be close to 100 one day and only 70 the next, with lows dipping much cooler than that! Keep this in mind when setting your thermostat for the day. The greater the difference in temperature, the more you’ll pay to stay comfortable!


One mistake many homeowners make is “cranking” up the heat or cold with the thought that this will make it heat or cool faster. This is a mistake and can lead to temperatures much higher or lower than actually desired. The air is either on or it is off. If you are hot, setting your thermostat at 40 will not make it cool any faster. If you’re cold, setting it at 90 won’t make it heat up any faster. Instead, set the thermostat at the desired temperature and wait patiently for the HVAC to do its magic.


Programmable thermostats, also known as smart thermostats are the latest and greatest in HVAC technology. They provide a variety of options for managing the temperature in your home remotely, and also can be set to turn off or on based on your schedule. You can even set it to turn back on when you’re headed home from work. This will save you money by not keeping the home at a perfect temperature while the home is empty during the day.

Many modern thermostats even have WiFi connections, allowing you to set or change them via your phone or computer. Others can send reminders when it’s time to change your filters. If your thermostat has these features, use them!


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