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How To Layer Your Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat that goes out the window accounts for up to a quarter of heating bills. Of course, a solution to this heat loss would be covering the windows to converse heat and save energy. Even better than just a covering your windows is layering them…find out how to layer your windows in the 5 easy steps below!

1. First, choose a cellular shade. These come in single, double, or triple cell shades; the more cells there are, the more insulation there will be. Cellular shades alone reduce heat loss by up to 31%!

2. Hang the shades inside the window frame, a half-inch from the glass, with gaps of only a quarter inch on either side. To take advantage of solar heat gain, raise and lower the shades with the sun.

3. Next add sheers. Sheers hung on a double rod add privacy and light control when the shades are raised to capture the sun.

4. Drapes alone cut heat loss by approximately 10%. When choosing drapes, look for ones with a tightly woven fabric and a lining. Hang them about an inch from the window with a 4 inch overlap at the center.

5. To tie your window layers together, choose a valance or cornice to button up windows even more by trapping air along the top of the window.

Think Of Us First

By layering your windows, you’ll not only save energy by keeping your home warmer, but you’ll also add some festive decor to the “eyes of your home.” The same ideas can be applied to your glass doors, too! At The Bosworth Company, our priority is the comfort of your home, so think of us first for all your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs! For other tips and tricks like these, follow our boards on Pinterest!

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