Midland Electric Vehicle Charging Station Services

Call us for professional EV charging station installation services and enjoy the convenience of at-home charging. Schedule service in Midland, TX, or surrounding cities like Crane, Fort Stockton, and Kermit.

Have you recently bought an electric car and need to fit your Midland, TX, home with an electric vehicle charging station? Most electric vehicles have an onboard charger, which you can plug into any standard wall socket. However, you will need an EV charging station to enjoy quick and reliable charging.

At The Bosworth Company, our team of highly trained technicians offers professional electric vehicle charging station installation services. Speak with us today to schedule your installation and enjoy quick and convenient charging at home.

Advantages of At-Home EV Charging Stations in Midland, Texas

Do you own an electric car, but the closest EV charging station is miles away? We can help.

While you can charge your vehicle using a standard outlet, it takes considerably longer. Additionally, this method places a lot of strain on your home’shome’s electrical system.

Fitting your home with an electric vehicle charging station offers plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Unmatched convenience: Installing a dedicated charging station allows you to enjoy the convenience of charging right at home.
  • Faster charging: These stations charge your electric car much quicker than a standard outlet.
  • Less strain: Contrary to what some homeowners might think, a dedicated charging station places less stress on your home’shome’s electrical system than charging in a regular outlet.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Charging stations can give your home a modern, clean look, enhancing your property’sproperty’s curb appeal.
  • Increase in property value: Installing a charging station can significantly increase your home’shome’s value.

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