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Energy Saving Tips For Winter

Those chilly winter tips affect more than just your bones! They can be hard on your energy bills, too. Check out our ways to save energy this winter!


  • Lower your thermostat settings during the night to save an average of 15% on your energy bill! (But don’t forget the blankets!)
  • Consider purchasing a humidifier to achieve and maintain a consistent, warm temperature.
  • Install foam insulation gaskets behind electric outlets and switch plate covers.
  • Check air furnace filters and replace if necessary.

Windows & Doors

  • Install DIY plastic film storm windows.
  • Seal off unused rooms
  • Close the doors and windows whenever possible.
  • Open south-facing windows and curtains, drapes, and blinds in the daylight
  • Check your window frames for cracks and your doors for leaks.
  • Repair any broken window panes.


  • If possible, avoid traditional fireplaces as it can suck the heated air out of your home. (Go with gas!)
  • Close the fireplace damper and seal the opening shut when not in use.
  • Replace old/loose fireplace dampers and install a sheet-metal insert.


  • Upgrade your insulation – you should have at least 7 inches
  • Seal exposed ductwork
  • Repair large holes in the attic

Think Of Us First!

The tips above should help you save energy this winter! For other tips and tricks like these, be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest. And for all of your heating and cooling needs, think of The Bosworth Company first! We’re worth the call. Always.

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