What people from all over are saying about the Bosworth Company

“A “cudo” for Neri!! I have only done this twice in my lifetime (shame on me, but few occurrences), but we called Neri around 4pm to come check our A/C, as it was not working last week. He came out within 15-20 minutes, and after 5p decided we needed a motor part. All parts stores were closed, so he called me apologizing that he could not get the part that day without an extra charge from the supply house. I told him I understood, and would see him in the am. Well, he took it upon himself to call a friend (I believe at a supply store), and found the friend had an extra part needed on his truck. He retrieved the part, and fixed our A/C on one of those very hot days after 6p, so we were very pleased. We do not experience folks going the extra mile as Neri has done!! I know you can encourage employees to go the extra mile, but very few take it upon themselves to actually do so. From our experience, Neri has demonstrated his concern and interest in other people’s situation, and is willing to take the time to go the extra mile. He is an asset to Bosworth, Midland, and I bet his family. Naturally, I believe and hope this is a culture at Bosworth. This attitude of service will keep folks from considering other providers!! Hope you will share with other management and Neri!!”
Mickey R

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how impressed I was with Gerald and Matthew. They arrived at my house soon after I called and they went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that my family had hot water. They were absolutely the most generous and sincere men to work with . I can not say enough about their dedication to do a good job. I want you to know that there actions have made me a committed Bosworth customer and I will make sure to share my story with everyone. Please let them know how much there kindness truly blessed our family. Thank you so much for sending them our way. We are truly thankful!”
The Sheppard Family

“I wish to take a brief moment to notify you of outstanding service, as I called your Kerrville employee, Roger, to our current home to sort out a puzzle. During the recent severe cold snap of early December, our unit stopped heating while I was out of town, leaving my wife severely cold….Insofar as ANY future service, I plan to only call Roger. Having been an architectural sub-contractor in the past, I’ve not been satisfied as to the skill and willingness of many technicians—Roger exceeds these expectations. In this day and age of lower expectation, your firm and Roger are a breath of fresh air.”
Regards, Bryan J. – Kerrville, Texas

“ During a recent week’s vacation in Ruidoso, a water leak occurred in the heater/water heater room at my house. I don’t know when it started….I called your office. Your plumber, Gabriel, had repaired an unrelated leak on the day we left. He was notified that we needed him. He was in Odessa and called saying he would come as soon as he returned to Midland, which was going to be after eight. I asked him if he would rather come the next morning, but he insisted on correcting our problem that night. It was after 9 p.m. before he finished. The purpose of all this is to congratulate you on having such a dedicated employee. His service was way beyond the call of duty or expectation, and my wife and I appreciate it very much.”
Jack W.

“On occasion I’ve extolled the various virtues of the technicians who have come to my house and made the necessary repairs and/or inspections for many years. But I need to especially voice my pleasure in my latest experience. I called The Bosworth Company and explained my problem as best I could. The lady who very efficiently answered my call told me she would have a technician get in touch with me. I had scarcely put the phone down when a technician called and got my address. From the time I made the call until the time he arrived couldn’t have been more than 30 minutes. He found the problem immediately, made the necessary repairs, informed me that the wrong repair component had been installed and possibly could have caused a fire. He said the company would not charge me for the first component. This was an outstanding example of honesty and integrity from an employee. Corky, I just want you to know that you are a tremendous example of leadership for your company and certainly for the industry you represent. My hat’s off to you and to those who work under your direction.”

“ Our transmitter house A/C decided to give up the ghost. Shannon responded quickly to the call, and Leslie raved about how nice a young man he is. She told me she has never been treated so well, and that Shannon went way out of his way to try to help. Of course the A/C is fried, so he is getting us prices for a new one. Hopefully we’ll have the problem solved, this week. Shannon is an exceptional employee, as well as one of the nicest guys we’ve ever met. Folks like that are hard to find, and it makes me proud to be associated with both Roger and him!”
Danny “Mack” McWilliams
The Ranch, FM 92.3, KRNH
Kerrville, TX

“… whenever I have needed such work done, I have consistently relied on The Bosworth Company. Your servicemen are always very professional, arrive when they say they will, do an outstanding and thorough job, and leave the place as it was before they arrived.”
James M.
Midland, Texas

“ I want to convey how satisfied I am with the performance of Nick and Craig today. These gentlemen were courteous, professional, and technically proficient. They are a credit to your company. Please let them know that I am very pleased with their plumbing services.” P.K.S. Midland, Texas “ On behalf of First Presbyterian Church and staff, I would like to thank the Bosworth Company and John H. for excellent service on our HVAC equipment. He is a great A/C service tech. He is prompt when called, honest and up front with the problem, and always has the best interest of the customer in mind. Thank you for providing FPC with top notch sales and service.”
FPC Building Engineer
Midland, Texas

“ We have had an occasion over the past several months to have plumbing services performed by your people at our home. My wife and I have been very impressed with your staff. They have all been very courteous, timely, communicative, and have always made an effort to clean up after their job is complete—which is very important to my wife. I do not mind paying a little more for the quality product you are providing.”
John P.
Midland, Texas

“ The Odessa Chamber of Commerce is proud of all of its members, but today we are particularly proud of The Bosworth Company. The Bosworth Company went the extra mile regarding customer satisfaction…this is obvious from the reaction I received from Mr. & Mrs. Jake C. In today’s “hurry up” world of chasing the “almighty buck”, sometimes customer service takes a back seat, when it fact it should always be the driver.”
Michael George
Odessa, Texas

“Your plumbers were efficient and neat and very pleasant. Good employees reflect the company, and these young men are certainly good employees.”
David M.
Midland, Texas

“Please know that I am very pleased with your laborers. They were very kind. They came and went without bothering anyone. Thank you.”
Odessa, Texas

“The men who installed our new unit were as professional as any one I’ve ever had in my home. They worked all day and I never saw any of them take a break. They were very polite, efficient, and hard working. The Bosworth Company should be very proud of them.”
Patricia S.
Midland, Texas

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new Carrier heating and cooling system. I had always been hesitant to replace my swamp cooler because I would hear of people with $400 plus electric bills during the heat of the summer. My new Carrier unit is so efficient that my electric bill for August, the hottest month of the year with all those 100+ degree days, was only $142, only $6 more than my July bill with my old swamp cooler and July was considerably cooler than August. And I am much cooler and more comfortable in my home with my new Carrier unit than I ever was with the old swamp cooler.

The Lennox High Efficiency Air Filter is also a great addition. I have always had problems with allergies. While the filter hasn’t completely eliminated my allergies (yet), they have greatly improved. I am taking less and less medication to achieve the same quality of living that I had previously.

Your installation crew should also be congratulated. In less than 8 hours, they had my new heating and cooling unit installed just in time for that first 100+ day in August. Not only were they fast with the installation, they were incredibly clean. I think my house was cleaner after your crew left than before they came.” Thanks again,
Lynn M
Midland, Texas

“You recently came to my home to look at our A/C for the purpose of “no heating elements”, etc. Since that time you sent your crew over to add the heating elements, at no cost to me. I was absolutely shocked by this, as I told you previously, and I just wanted to thank you again. You could have taken advantage of the situation and charged me any amount possible and I would have paid it since we do need heat.

You’ll never know how much I appreciate your honesty. Again, I still can’t believe this actually happened and will and have already told others about this. May God continue to bless you and The Bosworth Company.”
Pat M
Midland, Texas

“The men were very professional and did an outstanding job. We feel so blessed to have a company with such capability and integrity to serve our community.”
Midland, Texas

“We want to tell you how much we appreciate the fine electrical work done for us by Dave. The work was excellent and done completely to ones satisfaction. Our thanks also to Victor who has done our plumbing work. We appreciate your employees and their very fine work.” Thanks very much,
Fred H
Midland, Texas

“We would like to commend two of your employees who did the gas line at our home. They worked very hard and were very nice and polite. They did a great job.”
Herbert T
Midland, Texas

“We appreciated the services of Jeff and Gus during the recent cleaning of our vents. We also appreciate their being forthright in advising us that the ducts were new and did not need cleaning. Such honest and credible service is hard to come by these days.”
Delbert M
Midland, Texas

“My husband and I would like you to know how pleased we were with your company. From the beginning telephone call, everyone was very courteous. The team that came to clean the air ducts were very courteous and professional. The same can be said about the ones who installed the new unit. Our thanks to them for a professional, well-done job, and our thanks to The Bosworth Company for your courtesy and professionalism.”
Linda J
Monahans, TX

“We would like to acknowledge the young men who did our work on the bathroom. They did a very good job and were very personable. Our mother was ill and they quietly went about their work without disturbing her.”
David L.
Odessa, TX