Mechanical Contracting

The Mechanical Contracting Company of West Texas

We know that when you hire a company for your mechanical contracting needs, you want the job done right. You want a company that not only understands your needs, but also the best way to meet those needs. At The Bosworth Company, we value your needs and will make sure they are met in the most effective and efficient way possible. Take a look at some of our past jobs below.

Fasken Building

Whenever buildings like the Fasken building are originally built, they don’t plan on replacing the air conditioning system. Therefore, gaining access to the old AC chiller was almost impossible. So when installing the Fasken chiller, the challenge was how to replace the chiller with no access. A bit of engineering had to be done, including cutting a hole in the wall and removing the old chiller to replace¬†it with the new one. A good team and some hard work got the job done. Everything went smoothly and the job was a success!

First Capital Bank

Due to diligent planning and an incredible team, we were able to install a chiller for First Capital Bank in a way that was both convenient and practical for them.

Western National Bank

mechanical contracting 1

Replace two cooling towers and hydronic piping.

UTPB Science Building

mechanical contracting 2

Bosworth installed All Plumbing,Hvac and Equipment for UTPB’s New Science Building.

Midland Federal Courthouse

mechanical contracting 3

Midland Federal Courthouse air handler and hydronic piping replacement.

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